Project Description

Rodeio Bonito is Velcan’s first Hydro Electrical Plant.

It is located in the State of Santa Catalina, Brazil and set on the Irani River. The dam has a total length of 225 meters.

The concession was purchased in 2006, and construction was supervised by Velcan using its in-house capabilities. The facility was commissioned in November 2009.

The Hydroelectric plant has an installed capacity of 15.0 MW. The main Hydroelectric Power plant has an installed capacity of 14.4 MW. Two submersible hydro turbines add a further 0.6 MW to the installed capacity.

The water intake has three gates leading to three penstocks of 39 metres. The powerhouse includes three double Francis turbines. A 16 km at 69 kV transmission line connects to the national grid.

Rodeio Bonito has produced a cumulative 270 GW/h of electricity to December 2014.

The concession runs to May 2034 with an option to renew for 30 years.

Velcan built the facility with the utmost respect for the environmental and social rules and regulations applicable in the State of Santa Catalina and in Brasil. Since commissioning Rodeio Bonito, Velcan continues to monitor and strives to improve its environmental and social performance:

  • Environmental Monitoring: quality control of surface waters and subterraneous waters; monitoring of riverbank slopes stability; sediment monitoring in the Reservoir Area; Ictyofauna monitoring; Aquatic Macrophytes monitoring.
  • Environmental control: Cleaning of the reservoir area; control of the construction works area.
  • Fauna and Flora conservation: various animal and plant conservation policies.
  • Archaeological survey.
  • Social communication: Continued communication between Velcan Energy and the local communities nearby
  • Environmental management: coordination of the environmental actions and the various institutions involved in the project.