Velcan Energy purchased the Rodeio Bonito hydroelectric concession rights in 2006.

Jean-Luc Rivoire, one of the Group’s co-founders, relocated to Brazil to bring together a team of renowned professionals that would be able to expedite the construction of the project. The team included very experienced Brazilian engineers, including Ruiter Netto Campos who was one of civil engineers in charge of the construction of Itaipu (18,000 MW).

By July 2007, Rodeio Bonito Hidroelectrica (RBH) had received the status of Public Utility, which facilitated the purchase of land. Construction was started in August 2007.

In February 2009, the Ministry of Mines and Energy MME signed off on the final permits of RBH as a small Hydro facility (PCH). Construction was finished by October 2009 and operations started in November 2009. Electricity was first sold on a commercial basis in December 2009. Longer-term contracts with reputable energy merchants were signed from 2010 onwards.